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Create Your Own Autumn Table With Talking Tables

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With the seasons change and all of us spending more time at home we have loved seeing a trend of more people putting in time and creativity to host their family and friends around a table. Now is the time to spend quality time with smaller groups of those closest to us so it’s a great excuse to treat them to a beautiful dinner set up and create memorable evenings. This may be a daunting task for those who feel they are not particularly creative, however we want to show you how you can put together beautiful tables in just a few simple steps, with some bright products that will be sure to transform the setting.

With autumn upon us it’s a great time to try a beautiful autumn themed table. Talking Tables’ founder Clare recently hosted a dinner at home and used Talking Tables products, as well as natural flowers and pumpkins to create her autumn themed table.

Clare: ‘I was inspired by the changing seasons. I wanted to bring the autumn colours on the trees inside; bringing in dahlias and asters left in the garden. I was inspired by the warm colours and textures of the pumpkins & squashes at the famers market. I enjoy adding in extra flowers to tables by supporting local growers and small floral operations near me and chatting to the women who own and run such businesses.

After a good walk to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning we picked up the squashes, pumpkins and locally sourced food for supper. We spent the afternoon in the garden and picked some dahlias and asters. I have a new slight addiction to collecting bud vases, small jam jars and even taster gin bottles for displaying the garden inside. Inspired by the season and colours, it was enjoyable to lay the table. In from the garden, we settled down to Saturday Supper.’

Clare describes the steps she took to create her table:

  1. I used the bright candlesticks as the starting point, placed centrally and evenly spaced.
  2. I then layered in some of the fabulous coloured veg bought at Stroud Farmers Market.
  3. I foraged for flowers in the garden and added some extra blooms in from a bunch I bought at the famers market. 
  4. I arranged the flowers and grasses into bud vases and little jars I collect and arranged them over the table and through the gaps in the vegetables.
  5. I first chose the Boho napkin with orange flowers to complement the seasonal veg. Although the veggie napkin, with a veggie tablescape, has to make one smile!
  6. I am fond of my silver cutlery (a gift from my parents) which I enjoy setting around the table after a quick buff up.
  7. Likewise I enjoy the whimsy of Auntie Mary's crystal wine glasses which I bring out and think of that bygone era, and I even wash them by hand the next day with fondness in her memory.

Talking Tables products used:

This season we shall be creating and showcasing more autumn themed tables to inspire you especially now that we are all staying at home so much more. Make sure to tag us in your own tablescapes and follow our social media channels for more tips and tricks!

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