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Rose Gold Glitter Number Birthday Candles Starter Set with VM Acrylic Stand - Numbers 0-9


Rose Gold glitter number 0-9 birthday candles with a VM acrylic stand display. Add some sparkle to any birthday cake with these stylish rose gold glitter number candles. The perfect cake topper decoration for birthday celebrations or even a wedding anniversary! Mix and match the rose gold occasion candles to get your desired age. Also includes a VM acrylic stand to visually display your new candles. Our number birthday candles are also available in silver, gold, blue and pink. Contains a total of 60 Rose Gold Number Candles.

Each starter set includes:
1 x VM Acyrlic Stand
12 x Number 0 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-0 - 5052715124170)
8 x Number 1 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-1 - 5052715124187)
8 x Number 2 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-2 - 5052715124194)
6 x Number 3 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-3 - 5052715124200)
6 x Number 4 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-4 - 5052715124217)
4 x Number 5 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-5 - 5052715124224)
4 x Number 6 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-6 - 5052715124231)
4 x Number 7 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-7 - 5052715124248)
4 x Number 8 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-8 - 5052715124255)
4 x Number 9 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-RG-9 - 5052715124262)

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